RBD Health Alarm in vSphere Client – what’s up with that?

My vSphere Client freaked me out with red warning saying “RBD Health Alarm“. This was a new one for me so I tried to search the internet for clues. I found out it has something to do with Autodeployment, which I have no experience with.

I clicked on “Menu” and then on “Auto Deploy“. On the “Software Depots” tab I found error message which was more helpful.

“Managing depots is temporarily unavailable. The Image Builder service is down. Try restarting the service to fix the issue.”

So i headed to VMware Appliance Management, you can usually get there through: https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5480/login

Everything was green at the first glance (Summary tab, Health Status). I went to “Services” tab and found Auto Deploy service in Degraded state! Not on my watch!

The service appeared Healthy after I restarted it. Weirdly enough, the ImageBuilder Service mentioned in the error before was Stopped. I didn’t touch it. It has manual startup type, so why should it be running anyway?

I went back to my vSphere Client and reseted the warning to green. It didn’t come back.

What do you think?

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