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Warface: The parameter is incorrect error

My game stopped working after Windows 10 update about half a year ago. The support was no help at all and I couldn’t find anything useful on the internet. Today I decided to give it another try. And I got it working again.

There were 2 errors I was getting trying to launch the game. One said its “not 32bit application” and other “the parameter is incorrect”.

There is a workaround, just disable “core isolation”, which is a security feature of Windows 10. I have to warn you, you may be compromising your security to play a poorly programmed game. You can find out what exactly core isolation is and how to disable it here. Don’t forget to restart your computer after.

Battlefield V shows all maps in new trailer

The DICE team released a beautiful trailer featuring all 8 maps available for Battlefield V multiplayer modes at its launch. And what can I say, every one of them looks absolutely stunning.


  • Norway
  • inspired by the invasion of Narvik (1940)
  • harbor town with an industrial area

Fjell 652

  • Norway, arctic circle
  • fighting on the mountain
  • mountain cabins, AA guns
  • dynamic weather


  • set in Holland (obviously)
  • city combat, streets, buildings, canals
  • elevated train tracks


  • set in Holland
  • destroyed part of Rotterdam

Twisted Steel

  • France
  • flooded marshlands
  • massive steel bridge


  • set in France
  • fields, trenches
  • small town


  • set in North Africa
  • the largest map at launch
  • tank battles
  • canyons, bridges


  • North Africa
  • half-destroyed airfield after bombardment
  • big central hangar


  • Belgium
  • tank battles

Cheats for Skyrim

Many of those also work in Oblivion or Fallout 3. You have to write them in the console, which you will activate with “`” key (under ESC). After entering the cheat press “Enter”.

  • tgm – god-mode, you cant die and you can carry infinte weight
  • tcl – flying and goint through the walls
  • coc place – teleports you to place of your chosing, for room with all items use QASmoke
  • psb – all spells
  • player.advlevel – increases level, but wont add perk
  • caqs – finishes all parts of the quest
  • tfc – free cam (perfect for screenshots)
  • saq – starts all the quests (be careful with this)
  • qqq – close the game
  • coc qasmoke – as I mentioned earlier, this is a testing room, careful with enchanted things, game could crash
  • tai – turns AI on and off, basically freezes enemies
  • tcai – same as above but in combat
  • tg – turn the grass on and off
  • tm – toggle menu/HUD
  • tfow – changes FOW
  • kill – kills the thing you are aiming at
  • resurrect – revive thing you are aiming at
  • unlock – unlock the container
  • lock X – lock the container or door, X is strength 1-100
  • killall – kills all enemies nearby
  • removeallitems – removes all items of the NPC you are aiming at
  • movetoqt – teleports you to the quest location
  • tdetect – toggles AI, you can use this to steal undisturbed
  • setownership – sets ownership of the item
  • duplicateallitems – self-explanatory
  • fov XXX –  change your field of view
  • advancepclevel – increase level
  • advancepcskill (skillname) X – increase skill
  • advskill [skill] XXX – increase skill
  • player.modav Dragonsouls X – adds dragonsouls
  • player.setav speedmult X – sets your speed
  • player.setav Stamina X – sets the stamine
  • player.setav Health X – sets your health
  • player.setcrimegold X – sets bounty on your head, you can use 0
  • player.setav Magicka X – sets your mana
  • player.setlevel X – sets your level
  • player.placeatme X – spawns NPC
  • player.IncPCS [Skill Name] – increase skill by 1
  • showracemenu – shows race and appearance menu (WARNING – this resets your level and skills)
  • player.additem 0000000f „999“ – adds 999 gold
  • player.additem 0000000a „100“ – adds 100 lockpicks
  • help – shows you console commands
  • help keyword X – search help by keyword and ode

Far Cry 5 has secret ending

The tradition of secret endings in Far Cry games continues. The main antagonist in FC4 doesn’t have to be the main antagonist at all, just wait few minutes as you are told. No, you had to start killing everyone, you psycho. The developers are mocking us in similar way in a new installment of this popular sandbox game.

Your mission is to arrest Joseph Seed. You are in the church full of armed cult followers. The situation is extreme. Mr. Seed asks you to try to take him.  If you don’t put cuffs on him and hesitate few minutes, the sheriff decides to leave so nobody gets hurt. And he has point, doesn’t he?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets 1.4 Patch and free HD DLC

Warhorse Studios released new Easter update for their popular RPG. Along with 200 bug fixes we can also expect new game mechanics concerning beards and haircuts. There is also a limited time when you can go easter egg hunting, quite literaly. Will you find the golden one?

You can also download free DLC – HD Texture & Audio Pack for PC which will boost overall graphics and sound to new level.

Warface: You can drop the bomb now

A very important tactical feature has been added to popular online FPS Warface. In 2017 Christmas update you can press “B” key and if you are in possession of the bomb, you will drop it. Don’t forget to check if you have something mapped on the key already in the game options.

What happens a lot is when people take the bomb accidentally. Now, the medic can drop it for the engineer, who plants much faster.

You can leave the bomb anywhere on the map for your teammates or as a bait.

This is a single change in game mechanism but has potential to widen your tactical options significantly.

Fallout 4: About random encounters

Nick and I are back from an epic adventure in Far Harbor. I was thinking since we are close to the edge of the map, we could learn how far the rabbit hole goes.


Nowhere as expected. The highway marks the end, you cant go further. So we went left. Something interesting happened. Flying saucer went over my head and then it went down in a deafening explosion.

I did some research. This event can happen when you reach level 20 and cross some place on the map. You can even go to the crash site but I won’t spoil details.

Something else caught my eye. There was small canyon with a road between rocks. I went there, reloaded the game from save, went there again, reloaded and went there again …

It was different meeting every time!


Hearing voices I sneaked close to the edge with my trusty rifle. There are three dirty bandits arguing about something. I looked through the scope on first one, the second and then I panicked. Where is the third one?!?


Right behind me. The guy shouts at me. He wants 500 caps to let me through. I am very charismatic so we talked about the price. We got to 250 caps, then to 200 and to 100. He wouldn’t go any further, bastard. I chose not to pay. It wasn’t good choice, the guy shot me through the neck and I ended up dying in a pool of my own blood.

Thirsty settler

Load game. I am sneaking to the edge of the canyon. There is a woman sitting in the middle of the road, she doesn’t look unfriendly. I climbed down, holstered my rifle and began to investigate.

She begged for water claiming she will die without it.

Are you kidding me? What is that behind you?


I tasted water from the small lake few meters away. It wasn’t even radioactive! She must be blind – only explanation. I have put her out of misery, she wouldn’t last long in harsh wasteland anyway.


I sneaked to the edge of the canyon again. Three characters, all well armed. A guy with a square tattoo over his left eye asks me for 1000 caps! I talked him down to 350, he wouldn’t budge. I chose not to pay. And I won’t lie, it went badly for me.

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I sneaked to the edge and guess what I saw. Two big green nasty mutants. I am a bastard with a sniper rifle on a great vantage point and I wasn’t spotted yet. What would you do? I swear the fight was over in three seconds after spending two bullets.


Lieutenant Gutsy

I cant pass through again. Army, great. Good thing lieutenant Gutsy doesn’t want my money. I told him to let me go – military matter – he did. His green positronic brain did an analysis of this claim. Apparently, I told him my little lie with the confidence of 60 percent. Be bold if you lie.


Stash, Simon, and Lexa

Nice and friendly meeting for a change. If you find yourself in need of some jet, Stash can help you solve this problem. I don’t judge.


Dead Hadrian

I went to the edge. Bizzare situation … I killed all those filthy animals and climbed down to examine body of the poor fella. He had a cassette on him. Turns out he was sniper going on treasure hunt! You can take his place and go to the adventure yourself. Sorry, not interested.

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I went there few more times. Sometimes the situation was similar but the details were different. Some encounters were new. My point is: Explore the wasteland, you can find new adventures behind every corner and no playthrough will be the same.

Fallout 4 rocks.