The case against RAID 5, why use RAID 6 instead

For many years RAID 5 used to be best practices and golden standard for any organization, who cares about smoothness of their operations, especially when downtime means losing money. RAID 5 is cheap and when the hard drive in your array fails, you can replace it without data loss. You just swap the drive manually or you can have installed spare drive already in your … Continue reading The case against RAID 5, why use RAID 6 instead

Those hellish Sharepoint 2013 backups

I spent a lot of time today on this one. I tried to backup my Sharepoint 2013 farm, full backup, via Management Shell: Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\SERVERXXX\farm_backup\ -BackupMethod full It did save data but always ended with an error. At the end of the log file was this gem: FatalError: Backup failed for Object Crawl-0 (E: on SERVERXXX) failed in event OnBackup. For more information, see … Continue reading Those hellish Sharepoint 2013 backups

Default passwords for printers

First thing you should do when you connect new printer to your network is to set a password or change the default one. This article will help you with the later if you don’t know what the default password is. HP Most HP printers default passwords would be blank or admin for both username and password. HP LaserJet 2250dn User: admin Password: *leave empty* HP … Continue reading Default passwords for printers

SOLVED: Exchange 2010 – ECM says initialization failed

You open your Exchange Management Console and there is an error: Initialization failed. Initialization failed The following error occured while attempting to connect to the specified Exchange server ““: The attempt to connect to using “Kerberos” authentication failed:Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The system load quota of 1000 requests per 2 … Continue reading SOLVED: Exchange 2010 – ECM says initialization failed