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PatchCleaner – clean up the windows/installer directory

Imagine you are in my shoes. I have 120 GB SSD with 10 GB of free space. The computer was installed 4 years ago and later upgraded to Windows 10. I install and uninstall a lot of stuff. I found out that folder “installer” hidden in my “windows” directory is taking up 18 GB. What can I delete safely?

PatchCleaner, freeware tool by HomeDev, comes to rescue.

The installer folder contains files needed to uninstall or update your software. PatchCleaner compares those files with the list your Windows is keeping and determines which of them are no longer needed. Then you can simply delete them (or move them) to reclaim your precious space. I got back 14 GB of 18 GB in the installer folder, neat, isn’t it?

Some of you will surely appreciate you can run PatchCleaner easily from the command line, with event log output and all. Great way to set up a scheduled task and forget it.

There are basically only 2 switches:

/d - execute and delete files
/m - execute and move to the standard location
/m [FilePath] - execute and move to your chosen location

Windows 10: Did your icons move to your other display?

I turn on my computer ready to enter the depths of internet and browser icon is nowhere to be seen. All icons migrated to the second monitor. Apparently more people are experiencing this so I will share solution that works for me.

My problem was the secondary monitor became primary monitor for some reason. Then the Windows moved my icons where it should be. That is correct behavior. How to set mi primary display again?

Right-click the desktop and pick Display settings. Click the monitor you want to use as default. Scroll down the settings and check Set this display as default.

Voila, icons went back where I want them immediately.