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Warface: The parameter is incorrect error

My game stopped working after Windows 10 update about half a year ago. The support was no help at all and I couldn’t find anything useful on the internet. Today I decided to give it another try. And I got it working again.

There were 2 errors I was getting trying to launch the game. One said its “not 32bit application” and other “the parameter is incorrect”.

There is a workaround, just disable “core isolation”, which is a security feature of Windows 10. I have to warn you, you may be compromising your security to play a poorly programmed game. You can find out what exactly core isolation is and how to disable it here. Don’t forget to restart your computer after.

Warface: You can drop the bomb now

A very important tactical feature has been added to popular online FPS Warface. In 2017 Christmas update you can press “B” key and if you are in possession of the bomb, you will drop it. Don’t forget to check if you have something mapped on the key already in the game options.

What happens a lot is when people take the bomb accidentally. Now, the medic can drop it for the engineer, who plants much faster.

You can leave the bomb anywhere on the map for your teammates or as a bait.

This is a single change in game mechanism but has potential to widen your tactical options significantly.